With the ambition to offer you comfort in your living space, MANTION is working every day to offer you a wider choice of sliding solutions for exterior closures, interior partition doors, closet doors, gates, shutters and overhead handling. We also offer a wide range of high-quality accessories: guiding profiles, stoppers, hinges, locks, handles, etc.

For this reason, we invite you to discover our brand new range: SAF-FOLD, a sliding and folding system for wooden doors up to 180 lbs (80 kg).

This is THE solution when traditional sliding system cannot be installed. It is a real answer to the PRM standards (People with Reduced Mobility), with a door opening travel reduced by 3, which is allowing to save space, even when the door is in open position.

Designed for the interior of your home, this new reliable and secure range is suitable for people with reduced mobility.


With a capacity of 180 lbs (80 kg) for both panels, this new Mantion range offers 2 versions to meet with different uses:

  • A model for classic use,
  • A reinforced version for intensive use (general public).

The version for classic use with gears for doors up to 180 lbs (80 kg) includes: 1 frame (mounted on ball bearings), 1 plate + 1 jig for adjusting the height of the track/panel, 6 invisible hinges, screws and assembly instructions.

SAF-FOLD for normal use

Concerning the reinforced version for intensive use of the door (general public), with the same gear for doors weighting up to 180 lbs (80 kg), it includes 1 frame (mounted on ball bearings), 1 reinforced plate + 1 track/panel height adjustment jig, 6 reinforced invisible hinges, 1 set of screws and assembly instructions. This reinforced version is especially adapted for places with a lot of traffic, such as retirement homes.

SAF-FOLD for intensive use

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