Moventiv 60 for glass doors

Capacity/Door: 45 to 130 lbs (20 to 60 kg)
Door : For glass doors
Track: Aluminum
Motor type: Linear motor
Movement: Straight motorized


MOVENTIV® 60 : automated hardware for sliding glass doors.

  • Ultra-silent: a new generation linear motor

The contactless magnetic field drive eliminates any mechanical noises.

  • Exceptionally reliable: brushless motor

The contactless direct drive reduces servicing needs considerably.

  • Connected motorisation 3.0: smartphone app

MOVENTIV® makes it easy to operate doors, thanks to Bluetooth, and is quick to set up and use.

  • Simple to set up: a ready-to-install product

The system is fully equipped in MANTION’s workshops and delivered as a ready-to-install product.

  • Versatile connection options

The controller is compatible with: radars, switches, LED strips, magnetic locks.

Number of cyclesMade in France
Moventiv 60 for glass doors - Image 1 Moventiv 60 for glass doors - Image 2
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